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UK manufacturer and supplier of amateur & professional rodent pest products for controlling and preventing rats and mice within and around buildings.

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Baiting & Trap Accessories

Roshield offers a range of accessories to complement a rodent control treatment, from tamper-resistant bait stations to attractant lures for rodent traps.

Tamper-resistant Bait Stations are an essential method of rodenticide and trap application within the UK. It is now a legal requirement for amateur users to use a box, regardless of its location, when using rodenticide products. Tamper-resistant boxes vary in size, with mouse boxes only suitable for mice, whilst the larger boxes are ideal for both rodent species. All boxes are lockable and designed to hold a range of rodenticide bait. The larger boxes can also hold a wide range of traps, including the Roshield professional rat trap.

Plastic boxes are the most popular choice for holding rodenticide and trap products, they are incredibly sturdy and will last for several years in all weathers. Metal bait stations are a more niche and heavy-duty product for use when at risk from vandalism or when baiting around large or determined animals; they are particularly useful on farms and industrial sites.

Rodenticide Trays & Cardboard Mouse Boxes are a convenient way to place rodenticide within confined locations such as an attic space or under the floors, the device allows the user to monitor bait consumption easily. It is important to note that both trays and mouse boxes are for professional use only as they do not comply with new regulations on the safe use of rodenticide (you require a tamper-resistant bait station)

Bait Attractant Lure is a valuable product for attracting rodents towards rodent traps and bait boxes. The Roshield bait attractant syringe is a powerful attractant lure which is easy to use, and a great alternative to peanut butter and chocolate spread options. The Roshield trap scent spray is also a helpful product for spraying both traps and boxes to entice rats and mice to explore further – great for when rodents ignore traps.