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UK manufacturer and supplier of amateur & professional rodent pest products for controlling and preventing rats and mice within and around buildings.

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Thank you for purchasing a Roshield product. Whilst the majority of products are simple to use and require little technical knowledge we do appreciate that rodents can be difficult to control and may require additional assistance in resolving an infestation.

Please find below several options to guide you in your journey. If you do not find any of the information relevant to your issue or you require additional assistance please raise a support ticket.

The key points if you are having problems with rodenticide:
The key points if you are having problems with traps:

Comprehensive instructions/helpsheets on a range of our products including Rodenticide, Traps & Bait Stations. 

Documents are more detailed than the help sheets included within the packaging and we highly recommend that customer start here.

The majority of our helpsheets are also available in several languages

We have a selection of videos for our more popular products including our Baiter stations, rodent traps and mouse box kits.

These videos are also designed to compliment rodenticide as all products must be used within a tamper-resistant bait station.

Available only in English, but automatic YouTube subtitle conversion is available.

If you require a product SDS sheet please view all our available products here.

Please also use the contact below if you require any additional information reference to our products.

Available only in English.

If none of the above options help, of if you need additional advice please contact us and we will endevour to respond as soon as possible, within standard working hours.

We will require your order number to help assist with your enquiry.

Our operating hours are Monday to Friday 9am – 4pm