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UK manufacturer and supplier of amateur & professional rodent pest products for controlling and preventing rats and mice within and around buildings.

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Tools & PPE

This category includes the main products required to safely handle and apply pesticides within a property and deal with rodents-associated wastes such as nesting materials and rodent droppings. Other products within the category include tools used to apply prevention products and sprayers for the application of cleaning products.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is an essential part of dealing with any rodent issues; rodents are known to carry a wide range of diseases, and minimising the risk with the correct safety equipment is vital. Dealing with rodents and their associated risks should always be taken with caution; steps to minimise contact include using appropriate gloves when handling dead rodents or associated droppings.

The use of pesticides such as rodenticides carries risks to the user, so nitrile gloves for handling the product should be applied at all times. If using products within confined locations or when decanting loose and dusty rodenticides, an appropriate mask (FFP2+) is recommended.

Cleaning Tools and Application Devices such as sprayer is a useful way to quickly apply surface products such as our disinfectant spray or odour kill over a large surface area. We also have a range of brushes and shovels for dealing with bulk removal waste.

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