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Baiter Update


Roshield Baiter MK.2

We have recently undertaken significant changes to the key and locking mechanism on the Roshield Baiter box, this is to comply with future UK & EU changes in regulations. The overall box is more secure because of these changes.

To open the box the included two-pronged key should be inserted into the two holes located to the side of the box, opposite to the hinge; a firm push will automatically pop the lid open. The below photo illustrates where to insert the key.

key open

As well as additional strengthing of the outer box we have also added an additional safety feature for when using traps in areas of high-risk sites. Users can now place the trap entirely in the rear of the box chamber, sideways to the front entry run. A monitoring cable tie can not be used in this secondary position.

rat trap position 1
rat trap position 2 new change

Attachment holes have also been added to the rear of the box for fixing to walls etc. The key can also be stored within a specific slot located at the rear of the box.

fixing holes